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Monk’s has been delivering freshly made Chinese Food since 2012. And in those thousands upon thousands of deliveries, we have always driven ourselves to deliver only the best food, with the freshest ingredients. If you have any feedback, good or in-between, let us know. We do everything to keep our loyal supporters happy.

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One hot afternoon in China, while Hans was dancing and cooking a dish of smokey noodles, his father came out and cursed Hans for looking like a hippie-man. Hans replied, “Is it not the mad-man that torments the free-man Father?” Hans was a full blown genius so his father was nervous to challenge him on this cryptic trade of words. That afternoon Hans received an envelope from his father, in it contained a golden feather, a silver coin and a rental agreement to a small wooden stall on the docks of the nearby Chinese harbor. Hans was over-joyed. He had always wanted a golden feather, and now he could wear it on the headpiece he had been designing for a number of months. Once Hans had assembled his outfit, he arrived at his stall, armed with a packet of noodles, a small sack of secret ingredients, and a shiny wok he had purchased with one silver coin. In just a day, Hans cooked for hundreds of passing harbor hands and seafarers. The word of the Magical Monk began to spread and young Hans would often be seen cooking for days on end.

People began to travel from thousands of miles away to try the famous noodle dishes served by the hand of Hans; one man claimed he was blind before he tasted a meal from the Magical Monk, “And now I can see clearly!” he screeched, running up through the town jumping over tables.

Then, an old man of the mountains journeyed on horseback to taste the mystical noodles. He had read of the legend and needed to find out if it was true, or whether it was merely a cleverly crafted marketing campaign from a well-oiled PR machine. The old man of the mountains was guided through the queue of seamen waiting for their meal, and stood just a few feet from Hans. The crowd went silent.

Suddenly a hot wind blew across the crowd and the old man’s eyes grew wide with excitement…an omen it was! The old man of the mountains lifted his hand to speak, “Living high up on a mountain pass like a goat, one feels much wind, but today friends, I am pleased to say that the wind I feel today is the wind of change! This wind is telling Hans to fly like the eagle he his!” Before the crowd could react to this amazing news, the old man of the mountains had reached into his pocket and pulled out a golden feather. Hans immediately stopped cooking for the first time in months. The old man of the mountains reached over to Hans, and presented him with his second golden feather.

The crowd went ballistic.

The next day Hans boarded a majestic ship to ferry him to the Western world, where he would continue cooking his magical dishes of Chinese fare. Hans knew he had made the right decision when he witnessed a dolphin double back-flip and swim off excitedly. The boat docked in Cape Town, and people cheered and chanted for The Monk with the Golden Robe. Hans appeared like a vision to the crowds, and raised his wok as a symbol of fine Chinese food arriving in the West, cooked to perfection, with a little taste of the unknown. To this day Hans fuels the fire of Monk’s, inspiring the legend of a thousand years. His food carries a story of unknown age and origin. People agree that they may never find out the secrets to the many recipes of the Magical Monk, or the true value of his Golden Robe, however, as long as the legend continues to burn, so will the hunger for the food of Hans Harihanso.

If you’ve read this far, you are a true genius.